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Meet Our Staff

The Staff at Pinsk Family Practice works as a team to provide you with the utmost in medical care, and most of us have worked together for many years. We look forward to meeting you in person; meanwhile, you can get to know a little bit about us.

Jeffrey H. Pinsk, M.D.

JeffDr. Pinsk has been enjoying taking care of patients since 1987. He is truly a family practitioner, taking care of several generations of families like yours. He is a board-certified General Internist who treats patients 12 years old and up. His approach is to treat each patient as an individual and as a whole, not just an illness or a condition. He takes a personal interest in each and every patient, and he will be there for you when you are ill or when you need a well patient check up.

Dr. Pinsk is a graduate of Georgetown University and Hahnemann Medical School where he was inducted into the Medical Honor Society (AOA). He completed his residency in General Internal Medicine at Hahnemann University Hospital, and is on the Voluntary Faculty of Drexel School of Medicine as a clinical instructor.

He is on the active medical staff of Bryn Mawr Hospital and Delaware County Memorial Hospital.

Gerard Miller, M.D.

GerardDr. Miller is our covering physician every other weekend (those weekends when Dr. Pinsk is not on call), and when Dr. Pinsk is on vacation. Our practice is available 24/7/365. When the office is closed, either Dr. Pinsk or Dr. Miller is on call. Drs. Pinsk and Miller have been working together for many years.

Dr. Miller is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. He has been in clinical practice for over 15 years as a board-certified Internist. Like Dr. Pinsk, Dr. Miller is on the active medical staff at Bryn Mawr Hospital and Delaware County Memorial Hospital.

Debbie Marcolongo

Debbie is our Receptionist, and so much more. She’s the one who gives you an appointment within 24 hours, if necessary. She’s the one who calls you the night before to remind you of your appointment. And she’s the first and last person to see when you come to our office.

Debbie has been with us for over 6 years.

Carol Kearney

JeffCarol is one of our Medical Assistants and phlebotomist extraordinaire! Yes, we draw your blood in our office at the time of your visit, should it be necessary.

Carol has been in the medical field most of her adult life, and we’ve been fortunate to have her with us for the past 15 years.

Gina Reith

GinaGina is our other Medical Assistant. She will weigh you, bring you back to one of the exam rooms, and take your vital signs. If you need blood drawn or an EKG done, she will do that, too.

Gina is a certified Medical Assistant who has been part of our staff for the past 10 years.